Friday, April 16, 2010


what is it actually?
To answer your question pteromechanophobia is nothing but fear of flying

Yesterday, when i was coming to kol in a spicy flight, i realized i am still not over the fear of flying 'fully'.Though the situation is better than my first time in a flight,but still some fear is there whenever its time to take off or land.

So, how do i handle the situation?Few common things come to my mind when the plane is about to take off - I have had a reasonably good life till now, I have a life insurance , I am sitting near the tail of the plane - so if it crashes the impact will be less here(no laughing please!),there are so many ppl around me - we'll die together (WOW!!).

At this point, i do a series of things in some random order -
1) look for a person who looks scared already(specially someone older than me)

2) some pretty faces (of the fairer sex)

3) some kid who is laughing unaware of the possible dangers of the current situation

All the above things serve different purposes:
point 1 - it helps me think i am not the only fool here

point 2 - helps me take my mind away :D

point 3 - try to learn few things from them

after doing all these things, i try to look as normal as possible so that the person sitting beside me doesn't think that i m scared.

now, sitting in my room, i cannot help but laugh at those silly emotions - but be rest assured, i would be doing the same thing again :)


Poppy said...

I guess while so many things the flight must be already at 35000 ft.
Although i am not afraid of flying but hell ya i feel puking in it and more than that my ears and nose have a burning sensation!!!
O BTW so how pretty shud the fairer sex face shud be to take ur mind off? just asking for as example...

words2txt said...


eto vabis kano??????
plane e uthbi ar ghum dibi

Musings of a Geek said...

If you want to look at pretty faces of thefairer sex, fly Kingfisher [:P]

DJ said...

Dude then you should never board an AI flight..coz its full of old grumpy faces that are not scared, neither pretty and certainly not laughing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... What I do is, get on the plane. Tell the Air hostess that I do not require water or coffee or tea or food or anything else, ask for a blanket and go off to sleep.

MePrince said...

to add more in Sayan's comment; never ever try Air India....simply disgusting in terms of everything - from management to .... :) :)