Friday, September 11, 2009

'Hate kori paye beri..Uribar swapon'

Before i start writing something nonsense, let me make this very clear that the title of this post is not something that i want to say to this world or something that i feel.This is just a song i like and i will probably be flying(to my home) next friday.Hence,i put this up.
In the last few months i came across some thoughts which are new to me.Some of them i liked,some of them were funny,some of them - i don't have an opinion about.
I will not be revealing the source of those thoughts but will share them with the reader.

Thought 1: he/she never cares about the future.not that he/she is one of those filmi characters who has a never-care-about-the-future attitude,but he/she is a genuine person who is not bothered about the future at all. i personally know this person- so i know what he/she says..really means.i am not at all like this person ..but i wish i was like him/her :)

Thought 2: he/she says the past does't affect him/her.he /she forgets the past and lives only with the present. well, how can u just forget about it and live without it?

Thought 3: its not a thought.its about how ppl start speaking/writing. have u ever noticed how many ppl have started a testimonial(orkut) like this 'it is very difficult to write a testimonial for x..but....'. why do ppl start writing like this?is it that they are not comfortable writing ?or is it something very common (seen everywhere and hence safe way to start)?

Ppl might relate few thoughts with someone they know.and they also may also think that y i am publishing it in a blog..i also ask the same question to myself: why am i like this? its probably(cant be 100% sure..human brain is complex!) because..we(read i) are interested about those thing which we like and also to those things which we don't like that much.


debalika sarkar said...
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debalika sarkar said...

comment on ur second thought:
d person who says dat d past doesnt affect..believe me he/she is d person to whom past really matters....n he/she wants to avoid it somehw..its out psycology..we think if we utter something constantly n try to believe in it..den someday we ll b able to cnvince ourselves dat way..n at d end of d day we do believe in wat we want to believe...but if we frget our past den hw ll we learn?? we can repeat d same mistake again in d future!!!be bold guys...dont avoid..d more u try to avoid.. d more it will get on to ur nerves

debalika sarkar said...

comment on ur third thought:
i think its not dat people r afraid of speaking or of me its jst d organizational prob dat most people face...dey know alot..but dont know how to express dem..hw much to express..dey know testimonials r to b kept short n precise but at d same time dey must potray a chracter partially atleast if not more...dats wat is really difficult..dats d reason why we face huge problem in writing an essay wid a givn wrd limit..but dont face any problem in writing a 20 pages essay.

souri said... 20 page essay likhte paris? :O :D

Anonymous said...


keno parbena...amar baba r ekta student ekbar 3 pages dhore 48 ke 6 diye divide korechilo...


6*1=6 , 48-6=42



20 pages essay lekha ar emon ki bepar