Saturday, June 20, 2009

Expect the unexpected!!

its super sunday ..and we have the t20 final tonight....who would hv thought before the tournament that Pakistan and Sri Lanka would be playing the final.Pakistan looked like a team without any discipline or desire to win the world cup.Their captain even said something like he-doesnt-care-much-about-t20-as-it-is-mainly-for-fun. Dont know what he is thinking now!!
Btw,Sri Lanka had all the ingredients of a good team...some explosive batsmen in good form, some classy players and a quality bowling attack...although Yousuf Pathan had hit Mendis for 19(?) runs in an over to win a match in IPL,still Mendis is someone who needs to be figured out by the other teams.
On the other hand, India had a team which can be said was ideal for t20. Sehwag,Gamnbhir,Raina,Yuvraj,Yousuf Pathan,Dhoni....too much for anyone to handle i guess....n probably they cudn't handle themselves..

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