Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preparing to head back to Bangalore again

Earlier when i was in school/college , before the exams , i used to think of the day when the exams will be over and how happy i will be that the same kind of feeling is there..but instead of exams , it is the days away from Kolkata,and the last day of exam can be compared to the day i m returning to Kolkata for a vacation.
But that does not mean , the days in Blore are like exams ( i used to hate exams like everyone else )...i kind of enjoy my stay there..only the weekends i stay at home are really i am planning to go out every weekend from now on!
Today is saturday..tomorrow i have a family picnic in Rajarhat (probably) monday is almost here..i m flying back to Bangalore on Monday 5:55 pm ( hope the timings do not change any more).
Wait.. at this point i remember one thing i should have done hours ago..and that is to mail my team that i will not be in office till tuesday and will WFH ( Work From Home.... in office, u learn many short-forms like this..for eg...OOO,FYI,IOW,ttyl etc etc.. ).
Mail back to writing.The thing i have noticed recently is i take too much time writing a simple mail...i have to improve this.
for the last few days, i went out with my friends almost everyday.Shibashis came back from Ahmedabad for a week.Arpan ,Pramit,Debarshi ,Shiba and me went to Mani Sqr on friday....we tried our lucks in bowling...and Debarshi won amongst us.
They also went inside the Scary House , which is everything but Scary [:P]
I went to Scary House with my family , so didn't have any wish to waste another 50 bucks on that!Anyways , the real fun was not inside scary house , but was outside watching other people coming out of the exit door with different reactions on their faces.

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