Monday, June 16, 2008

Beginning of a new journey

It was a strange (not in a good way) day for me. I went to Barasat DIB office to inquire about my passport police verification and saw a huge line of people there who are trying to get into Bangladesh. It was not very surprising that I was not able to retrieve any information regarding my passport from that office. On the other hand, I was greeted with some stern eye-glares and some “sweet” words which are a characteristic of most of the Govt. employees. To be honest, I have tremendous disrespect for Govt. employees. Today’s incident will serve as just another reason for not liking or respecting them.
Well, many of us would not have been so bothered by this incident , because it is not that surprising or unusual. But, I am special!!..yes, I have always been made special !!
From the very beginning of my life , I have seen lot of ups-and-downs in my life. But still, I never had to face the rough side of the road. My family has always acted like a protective shield ,protecting me from the slightest of problems that I might have faced. Although my Ma and Kakau are neither efficient in writing codes nor they they do things in the best possible logical ways all the time(like Sayan or Swagato),but still they have done one thing in the best possible way anyone could have ever done…and that is the way they have brought me up. Watching people around me, I see most of my realtives, friends are always under immense pressure of doing well in every exam. But I have never been under such pressure. My family has always told me “job bhi hoga dekha jaega” . I have always been given the chance to enjoy my life, to express my feelings and to give my view on whatever matter I wanted. I am no one, but still whatever I am..its because of them!!!
I know a lot of things better than them and in a few days I am probably going to have a better academic qualification than them, but it will be the best achievement of my life if someday I can be as cool as my Ma and Kakau. I think their attitude towards life is the best and coolest I have seen among all people I know.
I am very close to my family and in a few days , for the first time in my life I am going to stay away from my family, but still I would like to come back to Kolkata in a few years and when I come back , I would still want to be as close to my family as I am now(if not more)!!


Smally On The Rocks! said...

Hmmm...A nice beginning, I must say. Carry on this spirit, dear friend...

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I think you'll find it interesting.


Swagato said...

It's pleasant to see you taking to writing.Employees of government offices have embittered you.I hope most of us have had similar experiences.But somebody's being a govt employee itself should not make you hostile. :P
As of the later portion of the post..everybody does not have the fortune of having so worthy and enjoyable upbringing.You should know that you are lucky.
Carry on..looking forward to see more and more posts(also sometimes bother to go through mine..Shibu nijer blog-ke promote korchhe..aami-i ba chhari keno :P :D)